Compete in the 2019 Open

Need a place to compete in the five stages of the CrossFit Games Open?

Look no further than the BKN slaughterhouse. We'll provide the judges, equipment, and atmosphere to lift you to your best.

Open Heats

How it works

  1. Register as an athlete for the Open on the CrossFit Games site.
  2. If you do not have a full membership to CrossFit BKN, you will be allowed to use a punch from punchcards to perform in the Open during Friday Night Lights at our box.
  3. Strongly think about getting an FNL@BKN shirt or tank to get in the spirit.
  4. Non-members and guests are also welcomed! To participate, either pay a drop-in fee of $10 each time, or purchase a punchcard and use a punch each time.
  5. Watch here or our Facebook page to find a link to sign up for heats leading up to the Friday nights, February 22 - March 22. We will display our heat schedule here: 2019 Open Heats.
  6. Show up and leave it all on the floor!

If you cannot make a Friday evening work, get in touch with us about scheduling an alternative time to perform.

Don't know what in the heck the Open is? Go here.

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    Go pig or go home!

    Go pig or go home!