Our Trainers

Our trainers are here for you.

This box was started first and foremost for the community. Our trainers are here to grow the collective whole. When everyone gets better, everyone wins.

Let's keep on winning.

Brian Harms

crossfit level 1 trainer/co-owner

Brian hit a low point in his life in 2011, but his discovery and implementation of CrossFit was fundamental to him rising above it. Starting on his father's farm, then moving to the local college recreation center, and then into a box environment, his workout environment has taken him through many stages. Along the way, he's always been more than willing to help out anyone else in their own journeys.

Kate VerVelde

crossfit level 1 trainer/co-owner

CF Weightlifting cert

CF scaling cert

CF judging cert

CF anatomy cert

It was love at first sight when Kate first tried out CrossFit in March of 2014. After tinkering with several other sports and physical activity, it is safe to say she has found her fitness soul mate. A mother of four, photographer, and now gym rat, Kate has combined her passion for CrossFit with her love for community to inspire her in all situations.

Alyssa Harms

crossfit level 1 trainer/co-owner

In the fall of 2014 Alyssa upped the ante in her pursuit of fitness when she discovered CrossFit. Since then her dedication has been unmatched. When she's not working on her own weaknesses, Alyssa is graciously donating time to help out others in theirs. She has since also found a training—and life—partner in Brian Harms.

Jamin VerVelde


A sucker for anything social, Jamin is energized most by the communal aspect that CrossFit brings. Bored with repetition, he also loves the mantra  "expect the unexpected." When he's not coming up with some excuse for why he can't do a movement, Jamin is busy doing graphic design, creative communication, coming up with another pun, and being a father and husband at Residence Ver Velde.

Jesse DeBoom

crossfit level 1 trainer

Before being introduced to functional fitness, Jesse was heavily involved in weightlifting for 15 years. When his friend introduced him to CrossFit-type workouts at the beginning of 2013, Jesse was quickly all-in.  Within six months he got his CF Level 1 and was part-owner of a box in Florida. Jesse was recently transplanted to Sioux Center and is excited to continue his CrossFit journey here.

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    Go pig or go home!